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The story goes like this: In my living room there is a green wall, just behind the TV set, which I was thinking of changing. I posted it on my insta stories and had a chat with my followers about it, exchanged some ideas -you know how it goes, and a few days later, PHOTOWALL sent me an e-mail, proposing to make me a gift: a wallpaper of my choice! Well, that was quite a gift to refuse, so I started looking at their site + searching for Pinterest inspiration, then I got even more confused cause I liked lots of their themes and finally everything was clear: I would not change the green wall, but I would use the wallpaper to create an effect on the big white wall that was looking at me across the couch :-) So, I chose the grey concrete wallpaper cause I wanted a dramatic but neutral-toned effect and I think I chose right, cause besides from looking so good (a new wall = a new living room), it also created a new background for my product home-photos! I am so thankful for this gift. 

You can see all PHOTOWALL wallpapers, murals, etc here:

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 what a product display background!

this is the " Grungy Rough Concrete Wall " wallpaper. see them all here:
and use the -25% DISCOUNT CODE    theroundbutton2021   as many times as you like



These green muted hues are a great styling idea now that the winter is coming. They combine beautifully with dark objects and with a variety of pinks. Take a look at the following examples, I believe you will agree with me :-)

All links (and much more) at my pinterest styling board

Styling with green • decoration ideas

plants and vases

muted green wall and office decoration

Sofie Børsting styling
designed by Sofie Børsting

green and pink hues in the bedroom

flowers in front of a green wall

All links (and much more) at my pinterest styling board



Amazing muted pink walls for the home office! Loved them! On the other hand, if you're not big fans of pink color, there's the minimal black-white & wood style. For more inspiration photos on the subject visit my pinterest board https://gr.pinterest.com/TheRoundButton/home-office/

Pink home office decoration • the round button blog

Pink home office decoration • the round button blog

Organised home office wall / IKEA • the round button blog

Minimal style home office / IKEA • the round button blog

Ethnic style home office decor • the round button blog



Two design products that caught my eye this week. The Scene hanger, designed by Drii, a combination of steel and bamboo that can organize clothes, footwear and much more, and at the same time play a “scene” in the space.
The second product is a geometric metallic accessory for mounting shelves. Designed by Bluey graphic line, it's a great idea to escape the ordinary and give extra style to your wall, no?

Scene hanger by Drii, the Round Button blog

Scene hanger by Drii, the Round Button blog

Shelf hanging accessory by Bluey graphic line, the Round Button blog

Shelf hanging accessory by Bluey graphic line, the Round Button blog




Έχω λείψει καιρο, το ξέρω, ένα post το μήνα δεν είναι αρκετο! Ξεκινώντας μισό χρόνο πριν να σχεδιάζω προϊόντα-σουβενίρ, δεν μπορούσα να φανταστώ πόσο χρόνο θα έπρεπε να αφιερώσω σ' αυτό το κομμάτι: Ιδέες, σχεδιασμός, παραγωγή δειγμάτων, φωτογράφιση, κείμενα, στήσιμο στο site, λάθη, προώθηση στα social media (αυτο το τελευταιο θέλει έναν ανθρωπο απο μονο του), υπολογισμός κόστους-κερδους, συμμετοχή σε έκθεση, ξανά λάθη, νέα υλικά, νέοι προμηθευτές, παραγγελίες (υπέροχο συναίσθημα), συσκευασία, αποστολές και ξανά προώθηση, νέα σειρά για τη νέα σαιζόν δε θα βγάλουμε? Παμε απ' την αρχη! 

Όσες / όσοι σκέφτεστε να κάνετε κάποια δραστηριότητα τέτοιου τύπου, και δημιουργικά είστε μόνοι σας όπως εγώ (ναι, ολα τα παραπανω τα τρέχω solo ως τώρα), θέλω να σας δώσω κουράγιο και να σας πω οτι γίνεται!!! Ειναι πολυ κουραστικο, πρέπει σίγουρα να έχεις ενα ποσό διαθέσιμο στο ξεκίνημα και εφαρμόσιμες ιδέες, αλλά το τι χαρά σου δίνει οταν ξεκινάει να ρολάρει δε λέγεται! 

Btw. Έκλεισα για το καλοκαίρι το etsy-shop, και όλα τα προϊόντα (για ιδιώτες και εμπόρους) βρίσκονται στο site - που ανανέωσα πάλι χθες / ήταν νύχτα, δεν έβλεπα καλά, συγχωρήστε μου τυχόν λάθη! Σας φιλώ, θα προσπαθήσω να γράφω πιο συχνά εδώ, αγαπώ το blogaki / ήταν η αρχή για όλα :-) 

(και φυσικα στο FB και instagram )



It's not about the colors or the materials. It's about the feeling of a light breeze I get when I look at some spaces. Have a nice weekend :-)

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