INSPIRATION • children outfits of the past century

I look at these designs, drawn 100+ years ago, and I am captivated. Feels like shopping for a child growing up in Downton Abbey, no? Take a minute to read about Jeanne Lanvin's (as Lanvin-Paris) inspiration. Below are two paragraphs from Lanvin's site and if you would like to read the whole story, this is the link.

''... She rubbed shoulders with many contemporary artists, writers, musicians & designers, and was therefore able to create partnerships that glorified her taste for the arts. Her peerless artistic sensitivity and unerring sense of volume, composition and colour association have been universally acclaimed.

For Jeanne Lanvin, art and fashion were one...''

''...In creating highly sophisticated outfits for her daughter, she invented child fashion. The mothers wo bought her outfits were won over and soon demanded similar attire for themselves, leading to the launch of departments for Young Ladies and Women...''

text & photos from Lanvin


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